Ian Hallard is currently appearing in Great Britian.

Billie Piper and Ian Hallard (Felix) in Great Britain. Photo by Johan Persson.

Who do you play in Great Britain?

There are a few of them – and given the play’s subject matter, they are all pretty disreputable individuals….


Did you know that apparently Mark Gatiss wanted to write Sherlock so that johnlock was canon, but Moffat did think it would fit, so they didn’t include it? All the ridiculously obvious innuendo was probably Gatiss’ way of getting revenge for leaving his otp out of the show.

No. Whoever told you this is utterly wrong. And also pretty stupid. Yes, wrong and stupid.


OKAY, let me get this out of the way because it has been bothering me ever since I saw the post. (this is the closest reblog I could find whoops I forgot to bookmark it)

I’m gonna tell you right now that this is the shittest idea I have ever seen and you should definitely…

Does anyone honestly think that being silent will ‘punish’ Gatiss & Moffat? 3 days without being contacted by Sherlock fans! They’ll probably be relieved and delighted - that’s if they even notice!



If you’re thinking about doing the three day silent treatment after Sherlock series 3 airs, just stop. It’s not cool, it’s just disrespectful to the amount of work that everyone on the show has put in for us. Never mind the fact that it’s…

More to the point, do you think Moffat & Gatiss will notice or even care? They aren’t religiously checking tumblr every minute for the latest update. They have better things to do. Do the 3 day silent treatment if you want - I’m sure no one who has anything to do with show will give a shit.


Mrs. Hudson


Now isn’t that just perfect? Depressingly believable, too. >.>

This tweet is a fake. 


Now isn’t that just perfect? Depressingly believable, too. >.>

This tweet is a fake. 



Hallo dear!

This is a very interesting and COMPLEX question, so I hope you’ll forgive me if I’m going to take a quite far away starting point in order to try and better explain myself…

I must, however, preliminary confess that I’ve not the presumption to have read…

Great original post. I think the issue of his sexuality is deliberately murky.   Hallard didn’t say definitively that Sherlock is asexual. He said “as clearly as we can tell” that he identifies thus. Which presumably means that we can maybe infer or presume that simply from Sherlock’s attitude and what he says (eg “Not really my area”) but none of us really categorically know, do we?

Speculation might be fun, but I agree it’s ridiculous to start getting hysterical and screaming homophobia because someone doesn’t see it the same way.

"I am disappointed in everybody", Or: No, My Expectations were Never that High


To start: I never thought John/Sherlock would become canon. No, really. I don’t think many people do. Lots of people want it to, but I think it’s generally accepted as a relative impossibility, no matter how much we want it.

What I am here to talk about it why that impossibility is so harmful, what that says about media today, and, of course, why I am disappointed in fucking everybody.

Also: this post contains minor spoilers and frank discussion of the appearance of a certain character, so if you don’t know what I’m talking about, turn back now before you regret it.

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"A promise made to you has been broken"???

What was this promise and when was it made, pray? I’ve seen a lot of stupid things written about this subject in the last couple of days, but this really has to be one of the stupidest.

My Two on the Current Woes of Fandom


I am trying to avoid the wank of fandom. However, things that are happening are coming across my field of vision and I can’t ignore it. The threats, insults and general bad will towards Ian and Amanda on Twitter needs to stop.

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They’ve been accused of being homophobic?? How on earth does anyone justify that accusation?